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Treat yourself to a natural sea salt body scrub... for use in the shower, or on the beach!

To apply, simply squeeze the mixture into the palm of your hand, rub together and massage over entire body. "Naked Mermaid Body Scrub" provides a gentle exfoliation to your skin and contains nourishing sea moss and essential oils. Lightly rinse and emerge – as fresh as a mermaid!

Your skin is softened and renewed.

Enjoy and  love yourself today!

Available in 3 Essences:
Invigorating Mint – for the tingly sensation.
Relaxing lavender – a calming song of the sea.
Uplifting citrus – energy cleanse of body & spirit.

Hand-made with Sea salt, Sea Moss,
Olive oil and pure Essential Oils.

For more information or to purchase please call:
Tel: +1 (268) 770-7888
Email: arawakart@yahoo.com